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    ACS Colorado Section

    Elisabeth Mansfield

      Hi everyone!


      I am your chair for the Colorado ACS section for 2011.  I was wondering if there was anything I can do to help you guys feel more included in the meetings for the coming year?  We have a lot of really cool things going on for 2011 -- International Year of Chemistry, ACS National meeting in Denver which will also have an International Student Exchange (where you can potentially travel overseas for free!) and our regular programs / dinner meetings.  I know sometimes students don't feel tied to the ACS section, but I want to try to change this if possible.  Any ideas?



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          Matthew Hartle



          I am the President of the American Chemical Society Student Members at the Colorado School of Mines.  We would love to become more involved, but I believe the main problem is that we do not know about events until about the week before.  I do get the regular email that comes out, but we generally plan meetings and activities within our schedule three months at a time.  This means we have planned the rest of the current semester, and are getting ready to start plans for next semester.


          What would be most beneficial to us, is a simple list of meeting and activity dates that we can use to better plan our activities for the coming semester.  Additionally, if you could let us know if there are any potential volunteer opportunities that you hear about that Students would be good for, please pass that along as well.  We are beginning to form a group of students that will have a "standard" set of demonstrations that can be transported to other locations in the Golden/Denver area and could use some ideas of who is requesting such a show.  We may need to charge for some of these shows to pay for chemicals and supplies, but we hope to keep the fee low.  As I said, we are just starting to get a group of students to work on this, so we do not know what the standard list, or costs of the show would be.


          If you would like to see some of the activities we participate in, please visit our facebook page (It should have public access) at:http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56762484240&ref=ts


          Thank you for contacting us,  I hope we can become a very active group within the local section,


          ~Matthew Hartle

          President ACS-SM CSM

          Chemistry 2012

          Colorado School of Mines

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              Elisabeth Mansfield

              Thanks Matt!


              We are currently planning next year's events.  I'll be posting those as details are finalized and encourage you guys to attend.  If you would like to help plan some events, I would appreciate it!


              We also encourage your student sections to meet up with some of the other student sections.  They may also help you with your demo stuff (how to pay for, things that work/don't, etc.) and can include you on some of their activities.  This will be more important to band together for the National Meeting in Denver (August 2011).  I know the UNC students are doing something this coming weekend at the Museum of Nature and Science for NCW.  Maybe you guys would want to pop down and visit with them?