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Use of the ACS Network

Discussion created by Robert Buntrock on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2010 by Mark Obrien

Per Carmen's note on another string (largest chem programs), it will take quite a while to "get comfortable" using the ACS Network.  Yeah, I should have loged in before trying to respond but the registration screen came up first (which I had already done).  I did find my way to the login screen on the second try (after Carmen's note) but then wending my way back to the discussion was multi-step.


In general, as is typical of all of these 2.x programs (or whatever their label), it takes a long time for each page to load and navigation is not very obvious (as above).  Reading, much less responding to notes and discussion takes significantly more time than either the CHMINF-L or CINF lists.  Makes me wonder why we went this route.  Sure hope we don't do it for CHMINF-L.


-- Bob Buntrock (not always a curmudgeon, just selective)