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Privacy and SciFinder

Discussion created by Grace Baysinger on Oct 21, 2010

Dear Readers,

The topic of privacy and use of SciFinder was raised recently on the CHMINF-L.  As this is a topic of broad interest, I am posting CAS' statement to the CCAS web site.


"Many thanks to all for your interest in security and the use of SciFinder, a subject CAS takes very seriously.


CAS requires submission of an e-mail address as part of SciFinder registration to ensure that the school's investment in a valuable resource is protected, especially against international piracy. Our registration practice is accepted worldwide and has been highly effective and helpful to both the schools and CAS in meeting its mission, which is to provide the best (and most secure and confidential) research environment for chemical and related scientific information.


Regarding privacy of user and search information, that is completely protected within CAS. The privacy of personal information, as well as of the user searches themselves, has never been compromised by unauthorized parties inside or outside of our organization. Unlike many free services and search engines, CAS guarantees the confidentiality of searches conducted with CAS
products. CAS has decades of experience with no loss or unauthorized dissemination of research-related information. We do not pass along information to third parties and, of course, with no advertising, there is no ancillary use of information.


As Elizabeth Berman stated, CAS has a privacy statement on our web site, at We're investigating solutions for integrating this information within SciFinder.


It is CAS policy to communicate only with the Key Contacts at institutions regarding administration of the SciFinder account. This includes pricing, billing/invoicing, license compliance, account configuration and implementation, etc.


Tony Machosky


Source: CHMINF-Listserv.  Posted 19 October 2010. D&P=62054