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How Did You Get Interested in Home Brewing?

Discussion created by Mark Obrien on Oct 22, 2010
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I became interested in homebrewing after I had one of my grandfather’s home brewed Porters.  He got his start during prohibition and continued brewing long into his 90’s.  I have fond memories of our visits and always enjoyed swapping six packs of our latest creations.


I haven’t brewed a batch in a couple of years but I’m thinking about unpacking my supplies, dusting off my Carboy and getting back in the game.  I’m not sure my wife will be so happy with the heavy smell of malt wafting through the house, so I may have to figure out a way to cook up a batch outside.


My most successful batch was an Imperial Stout that was adapted from a recipe that I found in the Complete Joy of Homebrewing.  I also had good success with several batches of IPA.


How did you get started home brewing?