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Starting Career looking for Guidance suggestions/comments...

Question asked by Brett Hixson on Nov 11, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by Brett Hixson

Hi everyone, My name is Brett Hixson and I just graduated from Ferris State University with a BA in Chemistry minor biology, and an associates in Industrial chemistry technology.  It took me a month after graduating this summer to find a job and it's a research and development position at Owens Illinois.  It's extremely challenging and interesting and I really enjoy what I do.  I've worked here going on two months now and have already been told I will have my 90 day contract position put to full time employee for O-I and  be contracted for this project for another Year.

The money is good for a starting position and I assume I will get a raise when I sign on salary for the year.  Maybe not even.  But ultimately I want to be making more around the 50k/year and right now I'm at 33k/year.  I'm interested in ideas of making myself more valuable to the company and open to any suggestions.  I'm taking advantage of every opportunity that is thrown my way here with the company too.  In order to reach my goal will I have to look into furthering my education?  If so then what is the big difference between a PhD and a masters in chemistry?  How will I know which chemistry grad school major I'll want to be?  Really any suggestions would help me out a ton especially from people who may be further with their career that used to be in my shoes or still is.  I'm establishing a good resume in the working world but I'm unsure what will happen or I will do after my year contract extension.  Thanks in advance for your comments, my email is and I would appreciate a private email if you prefer not to comment on the post.  Thanks.


Brett Hixson