Robert Hargrove

"Take Home" ideas from reports? Yours?

Discussion created by Robert Hargrove on Dec 20, 2010

Happy Holidays, Ya'll from the sunny South-


After readings the RM reports, I have just four "Take Home" ideas:


1. If we don't already do it, we need to provide firm guidelines about the space necessary to hold a good poster session. There needs to be sufficient room between them for not only the presenters, but also the viewers. One comment said that they could not manuver their wheelchair through the posters without running over the toes of the presenters. If that was true, it is a serious ADA violation.


Also, the administrative details of a poster session should be clearly given. Inexperienced presenters (mostly undergraduates) need clear instructions, labeling, etc. in order to get their poster up in time for the presentation.


2. There were several comments from different meetings about the length of meeting being too long. I wonder if we should state that all regonal meetings should be three days unless the organizers have a clear reason for it being longer. I noticed that SWRM/SERM earlier this month was about a half a day too long. Exhibitors left, sessions were porrly attended etc on Saturday, the last day.


Have we ever thought about providing some kind of algorithm to guide organizers detailing the numbers of platform, plenary, posters with the time necessary to conduct the meeting?


3. The issue of being able to do multiple registrations online came up again this year. Although it not be big issue, it is if you are a faculty member trying to register your group of five students for the meeting. Doing six individual registration sessions is a bit tedious. Why not have another button on the screen asking if you want to register someone else before closing out.


4. There were several comments about the "greenest" of the meetings. I thought we'd already prescribed limiting the use of styroform cups, and placement of recycling bins, etc. for regioanl meetings--- or is that only for national meetings?


I'll see you in Anaheim if i get reelected Councilor of the Middle Georgia section.


Regards, Bob