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    A Day Without Chemistry

    Mark Obrien

      What would you do on a day without Chemistry?



      Imagine a day without cars, electric lights, TV, telephones, safe food, and water, medicine, clothing, your house, and thousands of other familiar objects that make up modern society. Do it, and you are imagining a day in a world without chemistry.


      The American Chemical Society (ACS) explores that thought-provoking premise in a new high-definition video released just before the Feb. 1 official U.S. launch of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC). A Day Without Chemistry follows a young man as he sees more and more of his everyday necessities and conveniences disappear before his eyes.


      Produced by the ACS Office of Public Affairs, Digital Services Unit
      and the Younger Chemists Committee


      Concept and Direction by Adam Dylewski and **** Hurrey, Ph.D.
      Art Direction and Animation by Kirk Zamieroski
      Sound Design by Adam Dylewski