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Looking for help putting the finishing touches on a truely revolutionary idea for the Periodic table of the Elements

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Some years ago I discovered that a geometric sequence based on the tetrahedron described the periodicity of the Periodic Table of the Elements.  It provided a basis for shells, a place for quarks, and explained the place of carbon chemistry in periodic lore; why it is so convenient to use the weight of the carbon atom as the basis for other weights in the table.  All this using geometry alone; no need for Quantum Calculus.  What is truly revolutionary is that subnuclear structure is responsible for electron behavior; its all nuclear.


What is needed is a colaborative effort to put on the finishing touches and fill in the gaps.


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Message was edited by: William Aton Here is the paper I circulated in 2006.  Tell me what you think.  If there are any problems perhaps I can explain. Best regards, WSAton