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For Review: Communication for ACS Committee Leaders and Other Volunteers

Discussion created by Robert Rich on Feb 8, 2011

ACS Committee News Article – S3G and the Sustainability Campaign

By the ACS Sustainability Stakeholders Steering Group


The Sustainability Stakeholders Steering Group (S3G) supports Goal 3 in the ACS Strategic Plan for 2011 and Beyond, in which the Society aspires to "be a global leader in enlisting the world's scientific professionals to address, through chemistry, the challenges facing our world" and specifically those regarding sustainability (e.g., of energy, water, food). S3G includes representatives from: the Committee on Environmental Improvement; Committee on Science; Committee on Corporation Associates; Committee on Community Activities; Divisional Activities Committee; ACS Green Chemistry Institute; Local Section Activities Committee; Committee on Meetings & Expositions; Society Committee on Education; International Activities Committee; Committee on Professional & Member Relations; and the Younger Chemists Committee. This group has been given the charge to "promote ACS sustainability leadership through facilitation, coordination, and communication among ACS stakeholders and members."


Sustainability Goals and Targets
In August 2010, the ACS Board of Directors endorsed seven goals, proposed by the S3G committees, to drive progress related to addressing the world's sustainability challenges through chemistry. These goals should be achieved within a two or three year timeframe, and are consistent with the ACS strategic plan not only in their inspirational nature but in their ability to positively transform our science and our world.  The goals can be found at

S3G asks that you take a moment to review the goals and consider how these goals apply to the work of your committee. Is there something you are currently doing or would like to do that falls within one of these areas on which you'd like to collaborate?  What are you doing at Anaheim and/or planning for Denver around the topic of sustainability?  What information would you like to receive from S3G?


One of S3G's targets, led by the Committee on Environmental Improvement, is to coordinate the development of a web portal that brings together sources on sustainability practices, cutting-edge resources, ways to get involved and how our science is making advances, and many other resources. The site will be organized around three areas: "Understanding Sustainability," "ACS and Sustainability" and "What You Can Do." The sustainability web site is targeted to begin launch at the Anaheim meeting. ACS and Sustainability will link to committee, local section, and technical division web sites to highlight sustainability activities going on within these groups.  Please contact if you have items you want to link to this site.


The members of S3G would like your feedback.  You can post your updates and requests in our ACS Network Group or email us.