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    obasohan emmanuel

          I received a question from a friend of mine and it was about an assignment given to them in high school by thier chemistry teacher.It is about diamond, if it undergoes sublimation from solid to gasous state and if yes what is responsible for such activity. I need your answer and i'm gratefull.

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          Mitsuru Yamada

          Dear Sir,

          I have read your call of help.

          Is your chemical compound xithantan the all round player?

          Is it the only solution to stabilize the contamination of soil by heavy metal elements?

          If you have not yet find the all mighty chemical measure, it is, I think, unsolvable by any scientific method.

          It changes into a social problem.

          You are a student of chemical course.

          Which do you want to choose, to be a social activist against soil pollution, or to be a scholar about soil pollution?

          How is your economical situation of your country?  Is the diamond mining industry so important for your country's finace to keep?  Which is important for your country, the mining industry, or your own agriculture?

          In my country, there was a great man named Shouzou Tanaka, who claimed publicly the disaster caused by cupper mining in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan about 100 years ago.  He, finally winned the social battle.  Nowadays, in Japan, contamination of soil by heavy metal is strictly inhibited by law. 

          Though. I myself am a mere amature physicist, I hope if I could be a little help for you.

          M. Yamada

          July 28, 2012

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              obasohan emmanuel

              sir, i am glad for your reply and it is most appreciated. However the chemical i am talking about is xanthan which a biopolymer synthesised naturaly by a bacteria known as baccilus compresitis. the aim of the project is to use this xanthan to remediate heavy metals contaminated soils to safe guard the environment and healthy agricultural produce. I am from Nigeria and our economy strongly depends on petroleum but the few agricultural practices done in the country should be safe. About the diamond question, it was an assignment given to a kid in school and i wanted to source for any information i can get not that it is related to this soil stabilization project. once again thanks for your reply.