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Want to Speak Simply About Your Science?

Question asked by Nancy Mccormick-Pickett on Feb 28, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2011 by Bryan Balazs

No matter where you go or who you're talking to, you have a chance to improve someone's understanding of your profession. Whether you are at a neighborhood barbeque, or a cocktail party, or when discussing current events with a non-scientist, there's bound to be an opportunity to shine a positive light on chemistry. Everyday conversations are great opportunities to shape others' perceptions of what you do. And there's no better spokesperson for your science than you! Stop by the Office of Public Affairs booth 542 in the EXPO at the national meeting to practice and videotape your conversation starter. Watch Young Chemists Learn to Speak Simply about their Science on Vimeo! Share science. Spark a reaction!