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MagneGas Corporation - Transforming Waste Water Streams into Energy Streams

Discussion created by Ermanno Santilli on Mar 2, 2011

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I am a non-chemist but I couldn't help commenting on the excellent article on Waste Water Being Sources of New Energy: IN&node_id=2103&content_id=CNBP_026795&use_sec=true&sec_url_var=region1&__uuid=a 8878702-bd0d-4945-9b60-454f7529c90b


I humbly say that this is exactly MagneGas's ( business model: We Transform Bio Liquid Wastes into a Versatile Bio-Gas called MagneGas.


Our Bio-Gas is approximately 65% hydrogen and 35% CO, it burns quite hot and has metal cutting properties equivalent or better than Acetylene.


We also have vehicles running off MagneGas and the EPA has tested our gas finding it is much cleaner burning than gasoline and natural gas. When burned in a generator our MagneGas has a positive energy balance vs the electricity consumed but it does depend on the quality of the feedstock, too watery it doesn't burn so hot, too much carbon and it's inefficient. Inorganic compounds appear unaffected by our process, for example heavy metals...


Our recyclers are scalable and do their business in sealed smokless recyclers which totally transform Bio Liquids into a small carbon sudge and MagneGas.


We have recently been visited by renewable industry expert such as Arno Evers:


This is not a perpetual motion machine, we simply have a process which "moves" the energy trapped in bio liquid wastes into an ultra clean burning and versatile gas (see attached one page file)


It's is not a silver bullet but since there are currently no competing technologies for bio liquids and these feedstocks are bountiful we are confident that our technology will catalyse an entire industry on par with today's Bio-Mass industry, only using liquids instead of solids...


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