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    ACS Local Sections: Share Your IYC 1st Q Events

    LaTrease Garrison

      Tell us about your IYC 1Q events. Post pictures and a brief summary about your events.

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          Bryan Balazs

          The California Section has aligned its Q1 section meeting programming with the IYC "Environment" theme, with the January meeting being on California Water Issues, the February meeting being on Electric Cars, and the March meeting (in mid-March) with the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry.  Summaries of the meetings are below:


          Water has become one of California's most polarizing issues, pitting North vs. South, farms vs. cities, and Democrat vs. Republican.  Recent news is dominated by stories of drought, shortages, and pollution.  Should the state spend billions on new dams and a Peripheral Canal?  What can be done to reverse the collapse of once-vibrant salmon fisheries?  Join Pacific Institute research hydrologist Matthew Heberger in a discussion on how insecurity over our most vital resource poses threats to our health, environment, and economy - and how we need to change the way we think about, use, and manage water in the 21st century.


          Electric cars have existed since the inception of the automobile, but to date, have not penetrated the consumer market to a significant degree.  This talk by Dr. Jim Postma, Chemistry Professor at Cal State Chico, will present the significant advantages of an electrochemical energy source (batteries) relative to a combustion source for automotive power.  But the challenges that have limited the success of electric car technology will also be reviewed.  We will try to make educated, but speculative, predictions about the scientific, engineering, and societal progress that will be necessary for the success of electric cars.

          Along with this section meeting, the California Section also participated in the UC Berkeley Science and Engineering Fair on Feburary 23rd, where many displays and demonstrations pertinent to the Q1 theme for IYC were enthusiastically shared wtih thousands of participants, including an appropriate subset of the "Technology Milestones" poster displays developed by Dr. Attila Pavlath, many of which have been displayed for IYC at forums such as Pacifichem 2010 and the IYC opening ceremony in Paris in January.


          As a preview of the March 24th conference being organized by the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry (BCGC) on “Green Chemistry: Collaborative Approaches & New Solutions”, Prof. John Arnold, Director of the BCGC, will present an overview of the BCGC’s approach and the center’s initiatives.  Topics will include the development of new catalysts for alternative energy applications, the impact of the California Green Chemistry Initiative, and the role of sustainability in chemistry education.

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            Ruth Woodall

            January The first meeting of the Nashville Section of the American Chemical Society was held Monday evening January 24,2011at BioMimetic Therapeutics Inc facility.  A tour of the facility was given after a great overview of the mission and accomplishments of the company. Special emphasis was placed on the international part of the company. The attachment has many details of what BioMimetics. The next meeting was the "15th Annual Golden Goggles Invitational Lecture"  given by Professor James M. Tour February Women Chemist sponsored the February meeting with Dr. Marinda Wu.  Feb 12 was TWISTER at Science Center(A girls in Science project). Members volunteered and we supplied materials for hand out. Feb 17th was the science Cafe at the Adventure Science Center on "Making Stuff"

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              LaTrease Garrison



              The first quarter of the International Year of Chemistry is almost over! When reporting on the ACS efforts thus far for the year, we’d like to highlight the work of ACS local sections. Please post a short summary and photos (if applicable) of your first quarter IYC activity in the ACS Network Group for IYC. Remember, your participation in each quarter will help the ACS to reach its goal of having 100% local section participation in IYC. Also, if you celebrate during each quarter, you can nominate your local section for the Joint LSAC/CCA IYC ChemLuminary Award that will be presented in 2012 to recognize 2011 IYC efforts.


              If you have not participated in any activities to date, there is still time to celebrate the 1st quarter of IYC. Some suggestions:


              1. Share the 1st quarter issue of Celebrating Chemistry with your local schools. The issue can be downloaded from www.acs.org/iyc2011.

              2. Provide your local newspaper with chemistry-related facts that can published. Use the 365 calendar on www.acs.org/iyc2011 to find facts.

              3. Request IYC pins from ACS and give them to science/chemistry teachers in your community. Email iyc2011@acs.org to request pins.

              4. Post information about the four quarters of IYC on your section’s website, ACS Network Group, Facebook or Twitter Pages. Include the IYC logo on your website.

              5. Highlight a woman chemist(s) from your section on your website or in your Newsletter for their research or work in the field.

              6. At your March local section meeting schedule some time on your agenda to celebrate IYC.

              7. Share water conservation tips with your section members.




              Thank you in advance for celebrating with us!

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                Paul Douglas Williams

                The Kalamazoo section hosted a Science Cafe on Feb 22 to hear a presentation and discuss clean up efforts following the Kalamazoo River oil spill that occurred in July 2010.  A summary with photos is on our web site at http://www.wmich.edu/acs/Science%20Cafe/Cafe%20Feb%202011/Science%20Cafe%20Summa ry%2002-22-2011.pdf


                We have also used our web site to announce the illustrated poetry contest by ACS.  See http://www.wmich.edu/acs/

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                  Alex Madonik

                  The California Section kicked off IYC 2011 early, participating in the Cal Science & Engineering Festival at UC Berkeley on Sunday 23 January  2011.  It was a brilliant success -- there were  thousands of visitors all-told, and it seemed as if at least half of them crowded into our  lecture room sometime between 11 AM and 3 PM.  We exhibited Attila Pavlath's  nine Chemistry Milestone posters, and there were non-stop hands-on  activities for kids, as they examined pH changes during electrolysis of  water and then used a bicycle pump to pressurize a five gallon spring  water bottle, sending chemiluminescent Cartesian divers to the bottom  until the stopper popped off the bottle . . .  I presented  demonstrations every 15 or 20 minutes that included burning a candle in a  bottle, with a pH indicator to show the acidity of the CO2 generated as the flame consumed the oxygen, plus the ever-popular methanol flame in a really big bottle  (another five gallon spring water bottle, this on polycarbonate).


                  Enjoy the accompanying photos.  Many thanks to my colleague Margareta Séquin and her student volunteers from San Francisco State University, as well as to our friends from the Sigma Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma at UC Berkeley, who came early to help us set up.

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                    Donivan Porterfield

                    The Central New Mexico Local Section provided IYC 2011 pins to Chemistry category participants in a regional Science & Engineering Fair this past weekend.  Along with the pins was a note providing the ACS the IUPAC IYC2011 web sites.  We have also provided IYC 2011 pins for distribution to participants in an Expanding Your Horizons (www.expandingyourhorizons.org) event in Northern New Mexico this coming weekend.


                    The IYC 2011 pins mentioned above were requested from IUPAC Secretariat based on earlier guidance about how to get those pins.  We will be following up to iyc2011@acs.org for another request for additional Science & Engineering Fairs in New Mexico over the next month.

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                      LaTrease Garrison

                      I organized and chaired a workshop in India on Sustainability and Water Quality with the joint sponsorship of Gii of ACS and Delhi U. We distributed IYC pins and introduced the local and international attnedees to the good things ACS and local Sections are doing.

                      More details can be sent, if desirable.


                      Sut Ahuja, Councilor

                      Eastern North Carolina

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                        Linda De La Garza

                                 The SOWEGA ACS partnered with the Valdosta State University Chemistry Department to host a Science Saturday for the students of all ages in the region and kick off the IYC 2011 Celebration on Saturday Feb 12, 2011 in Valdosta, GA. We had several demonstrations and hands-on-experiments for the kids and their families, in Environmental area we had water pH testing with universal indicator and reactions producing carbon dioxide, we also had many experiments on Energy, Materials, and Health such as glucose-related enzyme experiments, ferrofluids, electrolysis of water with indicator, slime, light sticks, and liquid nitrogen and soap in the microwave demos.
                                 The SOWEGA ACS organized a dinner meeting with guest speaker Engineering Lisa Blount from the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Georgia, Southwest Division, to tell us about: Safe Drinking Water Today and for the Future. Talk was hosted by Albany State University Department of Natural Sciences, Albany, GA on Thursday March 3, 2011.

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                          Patcheammalle Nandakumar

                          Permian Basin local section and UTPB Chemistry Club hosted IYC celebrations on March 4, 2011. The highlights of this event are attached.


                          UTPB Chemistry Club and Ireland Science club celebrated IYC with several activities such as Chemistry demonstrations (Dry Ice experiment, disappearance of ammonium carbonate) and Hands-on activities (presence of Iodine in salt, coating copper on iron nails). The photos are in the document attached.


                          Pat Nandakumar

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                            Nigel Sanders

                            Bill Miles of Lafayette College, our Lehigh Valley section past chair, participated in the outreach event at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia on February 5th. He demonstrated making oxygen gas (yeast + H2O2) and snow (Na polyacrylate + water) during the afternoon fair. Thank you, Bill! Also, our chair-elect, Lorena Tribe of Penn State-Berks, has agreed to chair our IYC activities around the water project. Her plans are to get our local high schools and public involved through our network of HS teachers and our Science Cafes.   

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                              Tracy Halmi

                              IYC is in full swing in Erie, PA.  Currently in progress is our annual illustrated poster contest for CCED.  Poster and free resource information was sent out to hundreds of teachers.  On February 22, Dr. Richard Partch from Clarkson University gave a seminar on "Nanoparticles for Cancer and Chemical Overdose Therapies" to a group of faculty and students at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.  Tracy Halmi, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and NCW Chair treated a 2nd grade class at Edinboro Elementary to a chemical demonstration presentation illustrating solids, liquids and gases on March 4th.  The event ended with a classic phase change - liquid nitrogen ice cream.  Happy 1st quarter IYC!!!

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                                Christopher Ciolli

                                The Northeastern Ohio Local Section celebrated IYC 2011 through a six week Science Enrichment Program for 38 grades 3 – 8 cognitively-gifted students in the Perry (Lake County, Ohio) Local School District.  The program focused each week on one of the following areas of chemistry: organic, analytical, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, and polymer chemistry/materials science.  Students met once per week for 2 hours under the instruction of me, a professional chemist, and my wife Kathleen, a grades 1 – 8 certified teacher.  Additionally, the Perry Local School District provided facilities and a staff member to assist with the program.  Each program session involved approximately 30 minutes of lecture and discussion followed by 1.5 hours hands-on activities based on the topic covered.


                                The program was supported by a Bridging the Gap Nano-Grant for Celebrating IYC 2011 awarded to the Northeastern Ohio Local Section and by Partners in Science Excellence (http://www.pse-lake.org/) via a competitive grant awarded to Mrs. Ciolli.  Additionally, the Lubrizol Corporation provided lab supplies for the program.


                                This program supported the IYC 2011 objective of “encouraging the interest of young people in chemistry” through the hands-on activities that increased the students' awareness and understanding of chemistry.  The Science Enrichment Program: Chemistry was recognized as an Official IYC 2011 Activity by the IUPAC IYC 2011 Management Committee.


                                Additional information about the program, including summaries of the six program sessions, can be found on the IYC 2011 website:



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                                    Christopher Ciolli

                                    I also wanted to share a poem written by Lauren Andrikanich, a 4th grade student in our program.  Lauren was asked to write a poem to read during a 4th grade musical program, and the topic she chose to write about was chemistry. This surprised her parents because they thought she'd pick art, language or math (her three favorite subjects since she's been in school).  With her parents’ permission, I’ve appended the poem below:


                                    Did you know that chemistry teaches you about how things work?
                                    Soon you shall see, chemistry has its perks.


                                    A chemical is everything you taste, smell, or touch.
                                    Though you may not know it, we benefit from it much.


                                    You use it to make things like rubber, clothes, and fuel.
                                    Now you might agree, chemistry is cool!


                                    Let’s not forget plastics and perfume,
                                    and all of the medicines that you consume.


                                    Polymer, electro, organic, physical,
                                    Bio, un-organic, and analytical.


                                    These are the fields of chemistry we learned.
                                    Now you are dismissed—class is adjourned!


                                    Lauren did a great job reading the poem at the musical this week.  As an organic chemist, I liked her reference to “un-organic” chemistry.

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                                    Ruth Woodall

                                    I am so proud of all of the sections that are doing creative things to celebrate IYC.  You inspire me.  Keep those ideas coming!!! Ruth

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                                        Bryan Balazs

                                        I'll share some more plans that the California Section has for Q2 (yes, I realize the original post was inquiring about Q1, but we're almost to Q2!).  Feel free to borrow ideas!

                                        We are partnering with other community groups for a combined celebration of Earth Day and John Muir's Birthday on April 16th on the grounds of the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, CA.  This celebration will allow interaction with hundreds of families, kids, and adults, at the Cal ACS canopy location. The hands-on demonstrations and activities will be consistent with the ACS Earth Day theme of “Alternative Energy” and aligned  with the Q2 theme of IYC 2011 of "Energy".  Special presentations by Lawrence Livermore National Lab will feature wind energy and a bus fueled by hydrogen gas.  We are also partnering with TEAMS, (Teens Exploring and Achieving in Math and Science) at the Earth day festival. The TEAMS group will do a series of solar challenges with small solar cell that can be used to power fans, radios and small motors. TEAMS will also feature a solar cooker which can be used to make baked apples or natchos that can be shared with the public.  Demonstrations are planned that use UV beads that change color in sunlight, and we'll ask visitors to think of the beads as their skin and the color change, and discuss with them the best way to protect the bead from changing color. One demo will also feature working solar cars using the solar panels and Lego car parts and motors.

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                                        Mark Obrien

                                        Northeastern Local Section Activities


                                        Submitted on behalf of

                                        Morton Z. Hoffman

                                        IYC Chair, Northeastern Local Section


                                        (See attached document for official report)


                                        January: The 911th Meeting of NESACS took place on Thursday evening, January 13, at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (formerly Sepracor, Inc.) in Marlborough, Mass., jointly with the Central Massachusetts Section to celebrate the beginning of IYC.  Presiding at the after-dinner meeting was Dr. Liming Shao, Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Sunovion, and Chair of the Medicinal Chemistry Subsection of NESACS.  Welcoming remarks were made by Mr. Nobuhiko Tamura, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Sunovion, Dr. John Williams, Chair of the Central Massachusetts Section, and Dr. Patrick Gordon, Chair of NESACS.  Approximately 100 attendees heard Prof. J. Woodland Hastings of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University, speak on Bioluminescence: Many Different Evolutionary rigins, Different Genes and Proteins, But Similar Chemical Intermediates.



                                        The IYC First Quarter Cape Cod Science Café, which was scheduled for Wednesday, January 26, was postponed to February 1 due to blizzard conditions.


                                        February: The IYC First Quarter Cape Cod Science Café, which had been re-scheduled for Tuesday, February 1, was postponed to March 1 due to blizzard conditions.


                                        The 912th Meeting of NESACS took place on Tuesday evening, February 22, at the Holiday Inn in Brookline, Mass.  Approximately 60 people braved the piles of snow to hear ACS President Nancy Jackson of Sandia National Laboratories speak on The State of Chemistry in the International Year of Chemistry; she stressed the importance of chemistry toward the solving of the most important global challenges.



                                        March: The IYC First Quarter Cape Cod Science Café, which had been re-scheduled for Tuesday, March 1, was held at the Hyannis Golf Club at 6:30-9 p.m.; there was no blizzard.  The theme of the meeting was Protecting the Water Supply on Cape Cod, and featured the following speakers: Dr. Krista Longnecker, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, A Scientific Perspective of Water on Cape Cod, and Susan Rask, Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, Nitrogen and the Cape Cod Coastal Water Quality.  Event sponsors included The Town of Barnstable, The Cape Cod Commission, Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, and PID Analyzers, LLC.  The event received extensive press and electronic coverage, and was enthusiastically received by the approximately 30 people in attendance.  Dr. Jack Driscoll and Jennifer Maclachlan of PID Analyzers, LLC, organized the event.




                                        The 913th meeting of NESACS took place on Thursday evening, March 10, at Boston University.  Prof. Peter Mahaffy of King’s University College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, spoke about The International Year of Chemistry: Our Life, Our Future to approximately 80 attendees.  He provided a view of the history and focus of IYC, its global scope, and examples of activities that a designed to highlight the central importance of chemistry in our lives and our future.  Earlier in the day, Prof. Mahaffy was interviewed by Amanda Yarnell, Assistant Managing editor, C&EN.




                                        Prof. Mahaffy also met with members of the faculty and teaching staff in the Department of Chemistry at Boston University over lunch on Friday, March 11, and provoked them with remarks on “Indigestible, uninteresting, and uninspiring!” Is it time to think “outside the boxes” about teaching and learning general chemistry?  Later, he presented a public lecture at Boston University on Changing Climate, Changing Understanding: Visualizing the Science of Climate Change, where he described the contributions to IYC activities that are being made by the King’s Centre for Visualization in Science in Edmonton, of which he is co-director.

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                                          Louise Hellwig

                                          On March 2 the Maryland Section of the ACS held a very successful meeting dedicated to IYC and supported by a nanogrant from ACS.


                                          The venue was a room in the International Hall of the University of Notre Dame of Maryland with artwork from various countries on display.  The group enjoyed a dinner from three different culinary stations:  Mediterranean, Asian, and Italian.  A t-shirt featuring Marie Curie was award to the person with the most right answers on a quiz about 23 national flags.  After an introduction about how the IYC came about, each of the following five speakers briefly described chemistry in her country:  Dr. Sara Narayan of Stevenson University (India), Dr. Shuhua Ma of Towson University (China), Dr. Clare Muhoro of Towson University (Kenya), and Ms. Tsehai Grell and Ms. Mel;issa Pinard, students at Morgan State University (Dominica and the Caribbean in general).  A discussion of chemical education in various countries rounded out the evening.

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                                            Ruth Woodall

                                            Tennessee Technological University(Nashville ACS Section) held an  awards ceremony on March 31, 2011 for our K-12 students  who participated in the Chemist Celebrate Earth Day Contest . There were  656 total entries in the contest. A slideshow of our winning entries is on www.connectingchemistry.com .  Our TTU student members of the ACS did a terrific job engaging the students with hands-on energy demonstrations.  The winning entries were sent to ACS.  Janet Coonce Instructor, Department of Chemistry Tennessee Technological University (931)372-6521

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                                              Arwyn Smalley

                                              The Puget Sound section has had several IYC-related events:


                                              February 18th the section hosted its annual "I love Chemistry and Chocolate" night at Theo Chocolates in Seattle.  The event was sold out faster than it's ever been sold out before, and had 68 enthusiastic attendees who toured the Theo Chocolates factory, and then listened to a riveting presentation about the chemistry of chocolate by CSO Andy McShea.


                                              "Chemistry Magic" show was an outreach activity hosted by Shoreline Community College and its science club on March 15th, and sponsored by the local section.  Chemistry "wizards" Herb Bryce and Tim Hoyt wowed an audience of over 120 people who braved significantly stormy weather that evening to enjoy exciting Chemistry demos, including acid-base indicating signs, clock reactions, and (of course) explosions. (Those are rice crispies flying everywhere in a demonstration of the Bernoulli principle.)

                                              Chemistry wizards.jpgFun with Bernoulli.jpg

                                              March 18th local section chair Arwyn Smalley (me!) went to her son's kindergarten class and lead the class in an exploration of acids and bases, and tested the pH of local waters as part of the Global Water Experiment.  We used red cabbage indicator and tested several common household items to determine if they were acids and bases (see photos below.)  The students really enjoyed themselves, and were very excited about participating in the Global Water Experiment.



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                                                Will Lynch

                                                Not quite the first quarter butttt, the Coastal Georgia Local Section worked with 30 middle school students on the water quality experiment outlined on the web.  We brought in a whole host of ways to measure the pH of solutions, the students learned how to measure the acidity / basicity of solutions using pH paper, indicators and pH meters. Each group made 120 measurements doing acid / base chemistry --- following the pH changes of these solutions. These measurements were to help the students understand the principles of acids and bases.We followed that up with the actual experiment. There are only a few contributions from the USA, so the students were very excited to see their data as part of a wider project that others thoughout the world could view.  Well --- we are a worldwide participant.   You can see the basic information here: