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Questions on Consulting Fees

Question asked by James Dean on Mar 8, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2011 by Matthew Jorgensen

Greetings All,


I have just been connected a chemical company and they would like to use me as a "consultant".  The job entails learning specialized software for the production of MSDS sheets from a mountain of raw data.  All of this data I will have to process by hand and enter into this program.  I met with the Boss Man today, all of the details were explained, I was introduced to the software and given a preview of the work.  Everything was great up to this point.   I have the knowledge, the software is not too challenging, and I want the work.  So with all of this in mind, the position is remote access, so I can work from home.  Rather than him putting me on his pay role, he wants the work to be "Contracted".  So I do the work at home and then bill him for my time.


I like the sound of all of this and I am very lucky to have landed this, but I have no idea what is considered an appropriate amount to charge for this kind of work.  I am meeting with him again in one week to discuss my fee's and proceed from there.  So my question is; What is considered a reasonable rate of pay for this kind of work?  I don't want to give the man a heart attack with a number, but I also don't want to cheat myself.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.