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ACS-IAC needs your input

Question asked by Eun-Woo Chang on Mar 22, 2011

Dear colleagues,

I am sure that each of you shares my sorrow and concern for our colleagues affected by the recent earthquakes in Japan.  According to the ACS membership database, there are more than 4,400 ACS members and more than 5,300 affiliates of the ACS Network residing in Japan, and when considering the family members of our colleagues, the impact on the ACS community in Japan clearly has been immense.  Consequently, on behalf of the ACS International Activities Subcommittee 3 that focuses on Asia and the Pacific Rim, I am writing to express the sincere condolences, as well as concerns of well-being and safety of ACS members worldwide to our friends and their families in Japan. 

The ACS-Office of International Activities (OIA) and International Activities Committee (IAC) members are diligently working to develop a plan to help our colleagues and their families who were affected by this incredible disaster.  However, we need your ideas and your help.  Please share with us, your colleagues, your thoughts on how we can work together to help our friends and fellow ACS members in Japan.  Certainly, this is a critical time when we can show our solidarity and not only help our colleagues address the current situation but also strengthen our professional bond for the future.

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected friends in Japan by this tragedy.

Thank you.


Eun-Woo Chang

IAC-Subcommittee 3 Chair

American Chemical Society