Radoslav Bozov

Can we generate Natural gas from Carbon Dioxide?

Discussion created by Radoslav Bozov on Mar 31, 2011

Are you aware that natural gas radicals (methyl groups) are constantly transferring capacitance onto each organism within each cell's genes. In one eukaryotic cell there are billions methyl groups coming in and out of the genome. The most ancient organisms are methanogens that actually produce methane.  http://www.usnews.com/science/articles/2010/03/18/methane-making-microbes-thrive -under-the-ice What if we knew exactly, on quantum chemical level, how that one carbon precious molecule is made by Nature? The Russian scientist who constructed the periodic table , Dimitrii Mendeliev once said that the secret of making natural gas should be sought where it is actually been made. In fact the secret is hidden within us, within every living organism. If we expanded on that knowledge, it is quite possible that we don't have to drill anymore for natural gas, do not have to cause global warming, do not have to worry about transporting it from one continent to another. That would create billions of jobs because every city will have independent source of energy. In fact, I think that every building block that is made for our own existence has it's byproduct (a methyl group). Then what are we waiting for? We can have new technology that gets physics and biology through chemistry. After all it is one form of science looked at different ways in different spaces. Below is the general outline of the system which needs precise input control of oxygen that must be automated as systems will expand on their own, like propagating light, so in reality we capture that light like plants and convert its potential energy in kinetic energy of proteins that convert carbon dioxide to methane and back and forth. So in fact we convert the light into electrical energy that needs supply our everyday equipment etc. Integretaed with nano-tech semi-artificial machines can change the world once again.