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    Anyone want to develop an IYC Trivia Game or Treasure Hunt with me?

    Abigail Kennedy

      Hi All,


      For our Santa Clara Valley Section summer picnic, I would like to put together an IYC trivia game or treasure hunt or both (trivia game for adult members, perhaps a treasure hunt for kids?)  Would anyone like to team up over email to put this together, that we could then share this with other sections?


      Trivia could be about International chemists, the themes of IYC...other ideas?



      Abby Kennedy

      Chair, SCV-ACS 2011


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          Bryan Balazs

          As the theme for this quarter of IYC is "Energy", Lily Lew, our section's YCC Chair, will be teaming up with members of the Santa Clara Valley Section for the SPLASH event at Stanford on April 17th (the definition of the SPLASH acronym escapes me at the moment...).  You might get some ideas from her description of her "Energy Egg Hunt":


          "The energy egg hunt introduces kids to thinking about energy in tangible objects around them such as batteries, steam, sunlight, etc.  We begin with icebreakers and open-ended inquiry-based questions to get them brainstorming on what they think energy is and start some warmup group activities such as passing a sound to someone in the circle and using an energy word that has the same letter as their first name. We talk about different areas of energy such as potential vs kinetic, thermal, chemical, renewable...play another game of "if you like _____ then follow me" and they move to the box that illustrates their form of energy. Then they get to write something connected to energy and stuff it in a plastic Easter Egg, we have lots of pre-stuffed ones with words, pictures and energy related prizes. They dash off and can only have one egg in their hand at any time (renewable energy) and when time is up, we have a final round of discussion on the contents of the eggs."