Mark Obrien

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Friends

Discussion created by Mark Obrien on May 18, 2011
  1. You can send a friend request to any member on the Network.   Your friend requests must be accepted before you become friends. 
  2. Once you are friends, you can see the friends of your friends, elect to follow your friend’s activity and send email to your friends.  The recent activity of your friends will be included in your email digests.
  3. You must be logged in to the Network to see your friends, your friends activity and to send new friend requests.
  4. You can search for friends by selecting the people link on the Browse dropdown menu.  You can also find friends using search terms or based on the content they post. 
  5. You can access your Friends list from the “Your Stuff” dropdown.  You can sort your friends by name or by date of activity.  You can add labels to friends (e.g., Friend, Co-Worker, Local Section Colleague) and filter you friends list based on the labels you create.


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