Mark Obrien

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Status Updates

Discussion created by Mark Obrien on May 18, 2011
  1. Status updates are similar to Twitter postings.  They are meant to provide a short summary of what you’re working on, where you are or to share something that you find interesting.
  2. Status updates can include images and references to people, places and content.  You can use the @ sign to link to other users, specific places or content within the Network or elsewhere on the Internet.
  3. You can update your status by selecting "Update" from the “Your Stuff” dropdown menu on the User Task bar. You can also update your status by sending an email to
  4. status@communities.acs.orgYou can see your other network users updates (and other activity) by installing the Forum Activity Widget.  Select the Personalize link on the “Your View”  Tab and then select the Forum Activity Widget from the People category.
  5. You can add comments and ”Like” other users status updates.