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    ISEF 2011 - American Chemical Society Special Awards

    Donivan Porterfield

      The American Chemical Society awarded the following Special Awards at the 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair this last week in Los Angeles, CA:


      First Award of $4,000

      Analysis and Characterization of the Bioactive Antimicrobial NaturalProducts from Marine Sponges

      Bernadette Ann Hritzo, 18, Villa Joseph Marie High School, Holland,Pennsylvania


      Second Award of $3,000

      Computational Analysis of Specific Missense Mutations in the SMN TudorDomain

      Dianna Hu, 18, Half Hollow Hills High School West, Dix Hills, New York


      Third Award of $2,000

      Synthesis and Manipulation of Silver and Gold Nano-Mirrors

      Michael Leonard Janner, 15, Redlands East Valley High School, Redlands,California


      Forth Award of $1,000.00

      Kinetic Analysis of Nanometallic Catalyst in Reduction of Nitrophenol:Investigation of a New

      Class of "Super Catalyst"

      Quoc-Bao Duy Nguyen, 16, Westwood High School and McNeil High School, Austin,Texas

      Mai-Anh N. Vu, 15, Westwood High School and McNeil High School, Austin,Texas



      Certificates of Honorable Mention:


      Detection and Analysis of Point Mutations of the Oxidative Variety inthe K-ras Gene

      Charles Preston Blakemore, 18, Academy for Math, Engineering andScience, Salt Lake City, Utah


      Lighting Insulin with Gold Nanodots

      Yun-Chen Chien, 17, Taipei First Girls' High School, Taipei, TaipeiCity, Taiwan (R.O.C), Chinese



      Polyfunctionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Novel Scaffoldsfor Multimodal Tumor-Targeted Therapy and Biological Imaging

      Neil Pathak, 18, Herricks Senior High School, New Hyde Park, New York


      From Dusk to Dawn: Contact Lenses in the Night Tear Proteome

      Jack Huang, 17, Parkland High School, Allentown, Pennsylvania


      Carbon Nanotube Synthesis and Characterization

      Neerja Aggarwal, 17, L.V. Hightower High School, Missouri City, Texas


      Characterization of Tyrphostin AG879 as a Novel Selective Modulator ofAmyloid Precursor Protein Gamma-Secretase: Towards Safe Neuroprotective Therapyfor Alzheimer's Disease

      Shaunak Krishan Bakshi, 17, Manhasset High School, Manhasset, New York



      All award winners and honorable mentions receive a subscription toChemMatters.