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Distance learning opportunities for Masters?

Question asked by Ian Brent on May 20, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by Kristie Grzywinski

Hi all,


Does anyone have any good recommendations for getting my Masters through a Distance Learning program?  I graduated last December with a B.S. degree in Biology (conc. Cellular/Molecular Biotech), and would love to continue my education to improve my chances in the job market (I'm 23 and have very little lab experience outside of the academic arena).  However, I'm married and have two step-children that I need to provide for, severely limiting my ability to take a Campus-based Masters program.


I'd like to get my masters in Immunology, or a biochemically related field, if at all possible. (Ultimate goal being working for a pharma company.)


Also, is it worth it to go for an MS?  Does anyone have experiece where it has helped them procure jobs?


Thanks for your time!


Ian Brent