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Article in Northwest Indiana Times

Discussion created by Kathryn Leach on Jul 16, 2011
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Nancy encouraged me to share an article with the group that I helped get published in the Northwest Indiana (NWI) Times on July 3rd.  The story was written to inform Indiana residents in the Chicago section about all the club has to offer its members and the general public.


http://www.nwitimes.com/business/local/article_d544cc6a-111d-5833-b6fc-d39e31419 301.html


The story was actually written because the Editor at the Times really liked the Discoveries articles but didn't have space in the paper.  Instead of publishing the Discovery articles, he offered to write up a story for the business section of the paper, highlighting the benefits of being involved in the club.  Andrea Holecek of the Times called me to interview me for the story.  It was pretty funny when she asked if I could give her the contact of an active Chicago ACS member in Indiana, because I am the most active one!


It felt great to see my name in the paper and to inform people in my community about the American Chemical Society.  I've had one person email me to tell me that they liked the story, and I'm not sure if anyone has called the Chicago Section office.



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