Danielle Dennie

e-CIB migrates to Drupal

Discussion created by Danielle Dennie on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2011 by Wendy Warr

As part of our ongoing communication improvement efforts, we are pleased to announce that we have migrated the online version of the Chemical Information Bulletin, the e-CIB, to a Drupal platform, which will greatly streamline the editing process. The site has been formatted to look similar to the current CINF website. This new platform should give our volunteer e-CIB editors the ability to directly upload and update the e-CIB without depending solely on the webmaster. We will now consider applying a similar approach to other areas of the website.


The work of installing Drupal and transferring over all eCIB issues from Volume 62, no.1 onward was done thanks to a $5,000 ACS innovation grant given to CINF in order to improve the CINF communications infrastructure. The work was overseen by webmaster Danielle Dennie and executed by David Pickup, a librarian working at Concordia University in Montreal. The next issue of eCIB will be published using the new Drupal-based system.