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    Funding Aid for CINF Functionaries to Attend National Meetings

    Gregory Banik




      * Assist functionaries, younger members in particular, to get involved in divisional activities at national meetings by providing financial support for travel when no other funding resources exist.




      * Members of executive committee and committee chairs (max $600/meeting).

      * Symposium organizers - case by case basis

      * Others asked to be present in a committee meeting - case by case basis

      * Max 2-3 people/conference; any person may get funding only once a year


      HOW MUCH?


      * Max $300 for travel

      * Max $300 for hotel: $150/night for 2 nights

      * Registration - none

      * Will have to submit receipts to the treasurer for refund.




      * Send an application letter stating the need to the CINF chair, Gregory Banik (gregory_banik@bio-rad.com)

      * Approval committee members: chair, chair-elect, past chair, treasurer




      * I screwed up for Denver...this should have gone out a while ago, and I apologize. Please get them in by the end of next week (Friday, August 5).