Loss of Manufacturing

Discussion created by milobramble on Aug 3, 2011

I think that Dr. Jolson is right about the seriousness of losing our manufacturing to foreign countries. At the risk of possibly projecting my personal bias on others, I would like to suggest that this is part of a long term trend.

Partnerships of industry and government, what Dwight Eisenhower called the military industrial complex, have spent the past 50 years or more purposely depressing the standard of living in third world countries. They have done this by establishing and supporting dictators who were willing to suppress their workers movements and allow U.S. corporations cheap access to their countries natural resources. In a second phase of the trend, having succeeded in depressing wages overseas, they proceeded to send our manufacturing over there. The third phase of the trend is already in motion. Real income has been declining here for years and will continue as people whose jobs are now overseas find that they are suddenly willing to work for much less. In the final phase our manufacturing will not come back until our wages are in line with those in the third world.

It is wonderful that the ACS is willing to take a stand for the rights and freedoms of foreign scientists, but if we are to defeat this trend before it comes to full fruition, we will have to take a stand for human rights and against our own industry/government partnerships. In a word, we need to kick industry out of government! We did not stand up for the rights of foreign workers in the past. If we don’t do it now maybe we deserve what is surely coming.