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    ECO PHYSICS offers chemiluminescense aNO, NOx and Ammonia analyzers for a variety of applications. Our specialty is two reaction chamber analyzers that measure NO and NOx simultaneously for the most accurate NO2 determination. http://www.ecophysics-us.com

    Thomas McKarns

      Swiss based ECO PHYSICS is focused on chemiluminescence and QCL based NOx and Ammonia analyzers. Our ppt level Supreme line analyzer, the CLD 899 Y allows stable measurements of NO and NOc down to 25 ppt.  Our external NOy converter, the CON 765 and the photolytic converter, the PLC 860 round out our offerings for ppt level measurements. We will soon release a new generation of QCL (quantum cascade laser) Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy analyzers for low ppb level greenhouse gas measurements.


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