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    Help us with crafting Diversity bullets

    Alvaro Ribes

      We at the CMA are developing a 'Diversity Awareness' campaign and have come up with preliminary talking points - help us help you by giving us some feedback on the following ideas or feel free to propose your own:


      -Different colors, different ethnic groups, different abilities, but one ACS working to promote chemistry for everyone.

      -Diversity saves lives - We all owe something to Dr. Charles Drew - do you know who this person was?

      -Diversity promotes advances in research - do you known how cancer research has benefited from different ethnic groups?

      -Diversity is power - focusing the power of science by harnessing diversity.


      We need your help with developing strategies to use these talking points for reaching all members of the Society. 


      On behalf of The Diversity Awareness Subcommittee of the Committee on Minority Affairs, thanks for your help.