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    Chair's Report to the Membership from the Denver ACS Mtg

    Spiro Alexandratos

      Dear Colleagues -


      Our committee met in Executive session on Friday August 26. I wanted to report to you that the primary point of discussion was how to maintain conduits of information between you who use CAS products and CAS itself so that your questions and concerns are addressed.


      The following methods of communication have been identified:


      ACS Member Network (through the CCAS website) & the ACS Facebook page






      Local Sections


      Undergraduate colleges



      The first three methods on the list above are easily accessed and members of the committee are monitoring each site for your comments (as of this writing: Grace Baysinger, Judith Currano, and Sunny Wang).


      We plan, through various means such as newsletters (in the case of Local Sections), to contact local sections and undergraduate colleges.


      We are happy to have your input as to how to contact larger groups - as well as your questions regarding CAS. We can be reached through the CCAS web site (accessed, as are all ACS committees, through www.acs.org). You have to register for a username and password to enter the ACS Member Network but you do not have to be an ACS member to register.


      Thank you.


      Spiro Alexandratos, Chair CCAS