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A Question For You All

Question asked by Spiro Alexandratos on Sep 5, 2011

Dear Colleagues -


CCAS is a committee organized by ACS for the benefit of CAS users. As I have written before, the mission of CCAS is to act as a conduit of information between CAS users and CAS. We, as a committee, are trying to accomplish this by proactively soliciting your input rather than passively waiting for queries. However, a question that I have often considered, and now use this forum to put forth, is:


What is the most effective use of CCAS?



Perhaps we will be unable to follow some suggestions because of limitations placed on us by ACS or because ACS has instituted other avenues to follow particular suggestions - but perhaps we can follow some suggestions. We won't know until we hear from you.


I invite answers from CAS users and CCAS members.


thank you -


Spiro Alexandratos (Chair, 2012)