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Discussion created by Russell Johnson on Nov 27, 2011
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The Chicago Section New Technology Enhancement Committee has been helping to develop a set of videos for outreach.  This approach is based on interviews with speakers and also with members and visitors during our monthly meetings.  Please see the video links below.


See the interview with our June speaker, Adrian Whitty and our September Speaker, Norbert Pienta.  There are also several interviews with our members on these questions:  "What Brought You to the ACS?", "What Got You Into Chemistry?", and finally on how the Chicago Section Celebrates National Chemistry Week.



Additional Notes:

I posted the video links to the comments page.  Our New Technology Enhancement Committee has done a lot of testing to fin-tune the process and I think that we are getting close.  The most important elements were to recognize that we need to record short bits...and not long speeches.  Second: the sound and other environmental factors such as lighting are just as important as content.  Third:  we are working with the Director of Science Visualization at Columbia College Chicago, the second largest film school in the U.S.A.  This makes all the difference.  We connected through our Chair, who is a professor at Columbia College Chicago - I suggest that working with departments that teach communication is a best practice for Section PR committees.  I have also included our implementation roadmap.