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Plastic Packaging Solutions - Not So Easy

Discussion created by Georjean Adams on Dec 30, 2011
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Interesting articles from the on global plastic packaging challenges.  Check out this article "Global hunger for plastic packaging leaves waste solution a long way off - Despite measures to increase recycling, discarded plastic packaging continues to blight Earth" and related sidebar articles.  Biobased plastic covers the front end, but not disposal.  Biodegradable/cornstarch just breaks down into smaller plastic particles.  Paper bags have a worse environmental footprint than plastic bags. Cloth bags get contaminated with bacteria.  No packaging results in food waste and damaged goods = more waste.  Burying plastic sequesters carbon.  Burning plastic releases toxics, but provides high energy return.  Enhancing the recycling infrastructure via collection, sorting, materials composition and product design has economic and cultural challenges.


It's not so simple.


What solutions can you contribute?