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Is Gender Gap Responsible for Poor Economy in Some Nations?

Question asked by Samina Azad on Jan 2, 2012

Could gender gap have something to do with the poor economy in some nations? Gender gap certainly seems to be one of the main factors that dampen economy if you look at countries like Pakistan or Nigeria where women are not in strong economic and educational standing and compare them with China where women’s contribution to the workforce is relatively strong. In Japan, women drop out of the workforce restraining economic growth.


In the December 2011 issue, Fortune says, “Narrowing the gender gap could lead to 14% increase in per capita income in 2020 in several APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) economies, including China, Russia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Korea.” It adds, "If women in the Middle East are more empowered the average household income could climb as much as 25%". In the US, we worry about women leading only 13 of the fortune 500 companies whereas in some poor countries, women can’t inherit properties and they don’t have access to education. Money and education bring power. Women’s rights, being a global issue, should finally get the attention of the world leaders because it is not just a moral issue but it is one of the factors for a strong economy. Women are a labor resource and who doesn’t want economic growth?