Christopher McCarthy

Call for Volunteers

Discussion created by Christopher McCarthy on Feb 15, 2012

ACS is looking for 2-3 divisions to participate in a pilot  project designed to engage your members that are both attending and not attending the national meeting in San Diego. It will consist of sending a division  "Daily Highlights" email every day of the national meeting (Sunday – Thursday).

This is how the project will work:

  • Your division will select which sessions it  chooses to emphasize for each day of the meeting.
  • Your division will communicate the sessions to  ACS staff, which will create and distribute the email.
  • A different "Daily Highlights" email will be  sent to all of your members each day of the meeting in San Diego.

This email is designed to make recommendations to your  members in San Diego, as well as keep the rest of your members engaged and informed while not at the meeting.

If you are interested in participating or have any  questions, please contact Brittany Vesce at