Christopher McCarthy

Increasing Division/Student Engagement at National Meetings

Discussion created by Christopher McCarthy on Feb 15, 2012

Increasing Division/Student Engagement at National  Meetings

At the DAC Executive Committee Meeting held in January,  we discussed ways for divisions to more fully engage students.  During the  San Diego Meeting, DAC members will make it a priority to tour student poster sessions. In addition, we have arranged for a photographer to offer to take  photos of students as they stand alongside their posters (strictly voluntary on  the part of the students, of course).  We'll distribute the digital photos  to the students using social media tools.

This is the 75th Anniversary of student members  and a perfect opportunity to enhance networking opportunities for them.

If you have time, please make a student happy by touring the  CHED poster session on Monday, March 26 from 12 noon – 2:30 PM, in  the Convention Center Hall D. Please see ACS staff in the front of the room who  will direct you to the posters of interest to you. 

If you would like a photographer to attend a poster session  your division is hosting, please reply to April Orr at  We have a limited amount  of photographer time, so requests will be honored on a 'first come, first  serve' basis. In any event, the deadline to make a request is March 2.


Sticker Shock

Looking for a way to get your Division noticed? What about  offering a division sticker to be used on poster carrying cases? Students and  other presenters would show their pride of a Division Affiliation and let the world know about it. Need help getting this  accomplished? Please contact April Orr at