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    Innovative Project Grants

    Christopher McCarthy

      Deadline for 2012 proposals: February 1  and July 1.

      Innovative Projects Fund  Guidelines

      • Divisions may be awarded       funding for up to two projects totaling up to $12,500 in a calendar year,       and may have no more than two active proposals during any one review cycle.
      • The IPG proposal may be       submitted by any member of the division but must be accompanied by a       letter of support from the current division chair.
      • Funds must be used to       support the proposed division projects and should be expended within a 1-2       year time period.
      • Funding may not be used       for honoraria, cash awards, or for creating endowments.
      • Only proposals for       forthcoming projects will be considered. Events/projects that take place       before the proposal deadline will not be considered.
      • Funds are intended to "seed" new ideas. Proposals       for continuation of an existing program or project will not be considered.
      • No matching funds are       required, but divisions should include a list of other funding sources       being considered.
      • Divisions that are       recipients of these funds are required to submit a short report on the use of the funds and the effectiveness of the project receiving funds. A status or final       report on any previous year's funding shall be submitted to the DAC staff       liaison (jkatz@acs.org) before any new funding for a subsequent year will be       considered.
      • Proposals shall not be       considered if the division's secretary and/or treasurer annual reports are       delinquent.

      For more information visit www.acs.org/getinvolved.