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    How do you communicate with your members?

    David Terrell

      Hello Colleagues, I am now the chair of the Portland Section and will like to know how much your local section members are using ACS communities/network. We are using old fashion post-cards and email to communicate but some how I feel we are not getting enought feedback from our members. It looks like we are getting our message across but I'd like it to be bi-directional.

      Hope you all are doing great!

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          Bryan Balazs

          The California Section uses a variety of methods to reach our members, the ones you mention such as regular mail and email, and also our website, our Monday-Friday section office manager (a luxury that not all sections can afford), and announcements and flyers at our meetings and events.  Each of these reaches some fraction of our overall section membership, and I will go out on a  (weak) limb and estimate that the total of our members that we are reaching through all of our methods is 20-30%.  While this percentage is relatively low, I do also know that there are a large number of people who do indeed closely follow our website and emails, as they respond within minutes if we offer a popular event (or if they take issue with said event!).