Samina Azad

Leadership Lessons from Meryl Streep?

Discussion created by Samina Azad on Mar 9, 2012

I was reading this article on CBS online. Although it sounds funny, there may be some truth in it. The article says, “Successful leaders should perfect their acting skills if they want to connect with their teams more authentically. The act is the projection of the individual and the authenticity emerges from one’s true character”. Like actors, leaders need to know how to be authentic but does it make sense to use acting to be authentic? Strong acting skills can help leaders to manage their frustrations and appear confident. And so we can take leadership lessons from Meryl Streep. She was very convincing as Julia Child and Margaret Thatcher and by acting we can be just as convincing in leadership roles.


CBS says great leaders are always confident and consistent and they never show any mood swings. And this is where acting can help. The leaders owe it to their team to keep it together and to remain calm in any situations. It is easier said than done. May be all that is keeping us from being a great leader is some acting lessons. I also heard something similar from a mentor recently. When you take up a new leadership role, the first thing to do is to convince your team that you can lead. The team members are skeptical until you prove yourself to be a leader.



Is acting confident and being consistent the best way to lead a team?