Christopher McCarthy

Explore Research from the San Diego National Meeting

Discussion created by Christopher McCarthy on May 9, 2012

Were you unable to attend the Spring 2012 ACS National Meeting a few weeks ago?  Were you in San Diego but couldn’t make it to all of the technical sessions you wanted? Want to share some of the meeting’s cutting-edge scientific research with colleagues, friends, or students?

Now you can watch any of approximately 400 presentations recorded during the 243rd ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA, online at The presentations feature PowerPoint slides synched with audio, which permits you to jump directly from slide to slide to find the specific information you need.


Reflecting the breadth of science available at ACS national meetings – including this meeting's thematic program of "The Chemistry of Life" – the recorded sessions include:

  • The Kavli Foundation “Innovations in Chemistry Lecture” , presented by Carloyn Bertozzi
  • Priestley Medal Award and Presentation, ACS President Bassam Shahakshiri and address by Robert Langer
  • Epidermal Electronics, by John Rogers, part of the ACS Award for Creative Invention: Symposium in Honor of Chad A. Mikin
  • Heteromeric G-protein-coupled receptors are the principal targets of opioid analgesics, by Philip S. Portoghese, part of Alfred Burger Award in Medicinal Chemistry and George and Christine Sosnovsky Award for Cancer Research: Symposium in Honor of Frank Ivy Carroll and Lawrence J. Marnett
  • And more from 31 participating ACS Technical Divisions

  Visit to see the full list of available presentations and to access this valuable content free of charge.