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ACS Leadership Development Courses in Omaha

Discussion created by Kareem Redmond on Sep 26, 2012

ACS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM™ courses are recognized for the practical skills they build that can be applied immediately to improve performance on the job, in volunteer positions within ACS, and in other life activities.  A limited number of scholarships are available to ACS members that wish to take these courses.  Please contact leaders@acs.org for more information on scholarship opportunities.


The ACS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM™ is offering the following courses in Omaha, NE October 26-27:


Engaging and Motivating Volunteers

One of the greatest challenges facing today's leaders is recruiting and engaging volunteers to help accomplish project, team or committee goals. It's a skill that demands that leaders understand what help is needed, what skills/talents are required and what form of motivation will truly excite the volunteer to commit to a project. This hands-on course provides participants with practical tools they need to engage volunteers in ways that makes assignments successful and professionally rewarding, so the volunteer will be inclined to participate in future and take on more ambitious assignments.

October 26

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Collaborating Across Boundaries

Some of the greatest achievements in science, medicine, the arts, and business have been the result of collaboration among groups of people who shared their resources, their visions, and their expertise to produce unique, innovative products and solutions to problems. Without collaboration, the potential power of sharing ideas and information is lost. Now more than ever, collaboration is the way we need to work – in teams and in larger organizations as well.  To be a highly effective partner or team member, you need to learn the core strategies and tools to make collaboration more productive. In this 4-hour hands-on facilitated course you will learn how to make collaborative decisions, develop common goals, ensure equity between what people bring and what they gain from the effort, and gain commitment, establish trust and resolve conflicts.

October 27

8:00am – noon