Donivan Porterfield

Comments on "Presentations on Demand" FAQ

Discussion created by Donivan Porterfield on Oct 4, 2012

Some feedback on the FAQ for "Presentations on Demand" -


“Why can't I find a certain presentation from a meeting?”


“Not all of the presenters have allowed their presentations to be captured for this product. If you have searched and cannot find a presentation, the presenter may not have provided viewing rights.”


The above response fails to address the fact that not all national meeting symposia are recorded.  So the unavailability of some presentations may not simply be a function of the presenter providing viewing rights.



I would also like to suggest the addition of a new Q&A:


“Why will content be removed from view after a period of time?”


“Resulting from a survey of national meeting presenters was the conclusion that there would be greater presenter participation if content would only be available for a defined period of time.”



While I agree the availability of the presentations should reflect the current wishes of the presenters, I also believe that ACS should insure that the presentation content is preserved beyond that period.  If one of these presenters should go on to receive a Nobel Prize or similar recognition it would be regrettable if the ACS could not find or access the initial report of that research at an ACS national meeting.