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Call for Papers - Chemistry in Motion - Abstract Submission is Open for Indy 2013

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Hello everyone,

Abstract Submission for the Fall 2013 246th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition themed the "Chemistry in Motion" is now open. Deadlines for papers begin March 18, 2013. The meeting will be held in Indianapolis, IN, September 8-12, 2013. We encourage you to present to your peers and participate. Below is an excerpt of theme synopsis by Professor Robert A. Weiss, Indianapolis Thematic Program Chair and more complete listing of Division contacts and deadlines.

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"Cars, rail and planes are the dominant examples of chemistry in motion. Those modes of transportation have historically relied upon energy from fossil fuels and high density materials of construction. Petroleum, however, is becoming a more precious and valued resource and the economy of transportation depends on the mass of the vehicle, the efficiency of the power plant and the drag and friction associated with motion of the vehicle. As a result, society demands more economical production of petroleum-based fuels, development of alternative fuels and lightweight building components and more efficient and aerodynamic designs of our transportation vehicles. That, in turn, requires

advances in catalysis, the development of bio-based and renewable production of fuels and lightweight, structural materials, the development of new economically viable sources of power such as hydrogen fuel cells and photovoltaics, as well as health and environmental effects of those technologies. On the one hand, chemistry will facilitate the refinery of the future, and on the other hand it will provide the means to replace the those refineries with sustainable technologies and bio- or agro-based renewable methods to use chemistry for motion.The Indianapolis meeting will showcase contemporary research and future technologies that will transform the transportation industry in the 21st century. Divisions can participate in the chemistry in motion theme by programming and developing joint symposia on catalysis, biofuels, alternative energy, lightweight materials, health and the environment and tribology."



DivisionProgram Chair
Apr 12, 2013AEI
Academic Employment Initiative
Corrie Kuniyoshi - Program Chair
Joe Z. Sostaric - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013AGFD
Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Lauren Jackson - Program Administrator
Michael Qian - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013AGRO
Division of Agrochemicals
Stephen   Duke - Program Chair
Cathleen Hapeman - Program Administrator
Mar 25, 2013ANYL
Division of Analytical Chemistry
Thomas Rossi - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013BIOL
Division of Biological Chemistry
Sheila David - Program Chair
Mar 26, 2013CARB
Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry
Xuefei Huang - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013CATL
Division of Catalysis Science and Technology
Phillip Christopher - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013CEI
Committee on Environmental Improvement
Rich   Lomneth - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013CELL
Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials
Thomas Elder - Program Chair
Peney   Patton - Program Administrator
Apr 01, 2013CHAL
Division of Chemistry and the Law
Krista Bianco - Program Chair
Justin Hasford - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013CHAS
Division of Chemical Health and Safety
Debbie M. Decker - Program Chair
Linda M. Stroud - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013CHED
Division of Chemical Education
Nancy Bakowski - Program Administrator
Irvin J. Levy - Program Chair
Robin Lindsey - Program Administrator
Tyson Miller - Program Chair
Julianne Smist - Program Chair
Christopher Zeigler - Program Administrator
Mar 18, 2013CINF
Division of Chemical Information
Jeremy Garritano - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013CMA
Committee on Minority Affairs
Jerry Sarquis - Program Chair
Mar 29, 2013COLL
Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Ramanathan Nagarajan - Program Chair
Mar 19, 2013COMP
Division of Computers in Chemistry
Emilio Xavier Esposito - Program Chair
Scott Wildman - Program Chair
Apr 01, 2013ENFL
Division of Energy and Fuels
Yun Hu - Program Chair
Ranjit Koodali - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013ENVR
Division of Environmental Chemistry
Dionysios Dionysiou - Program Chair
Penelope Patton - Program Administrator
Mar 18, 2013GEOC
Division of Geochemistry
Andrew Stack - Program Chair
Apr 01, 2013HIST
Division of the History of Chemistry
Seth C Rasmussen - Program Chair
Mar 20, 2013I&EC
Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
Mary   Moore - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013INOR
Division of Inorganic Chemistry
Stephen Koch - Program Chair
Nora Radu - Program Chair
Mar 25, 2013MEDI
Division of Medicinal Chemistry
Catherine Hathaway - Program Administrator
John Macor - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013NUCL
Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
Jenifer   Braley - Program Chair
Kenneth Nash - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013ORGN
Division of Organic Chemistry
Robert Gawley - Program Chair
Matt   McIntosh - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013PHYS
Division of Physical Chemistry
Joel Bowman - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013PMSE
Division of Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering
Matthew Becker - Program Chair
Eileen Ernst - Program Administrator
Sergio   Granados-Focil - Program Chair
Alshakim Nelson - Program Chair
Christopher Stafford - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013POLY
Division of Polymer Chemistry
Dylan Boday - Program Administrator
Scott Iacono - Program Chair
Sheng Lin-Gibson - Program Chair
Kathy Mitchem - Program Administrator
Jeffrey Youngblood - Program Chair
Mar 25, 2013SCHB
Division of Small Chemical Businesses
Joseph Sabol - Program Chair
Mar 18, 2013TOXI
Division of Chemical Toxicology
William Humphreys - Program Chair