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    Professional Networking in Michigan?

    Cindy Lindberg

      I live in the Detroit area and looking for other chemists for networking.  I have a chemist degree but not currently working in my field.   I'm originally from Indiana. Job info would be great but not necessary.  Just a love for the sciences.

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          Joseph Sabol

          Hi Cindy - What type of networking?  Are you involved with the Detroit local section? I know many members and they have mtgs once per month and could even use volunteer help. On of the best ways to "network" is to volunteer to do something - you meet all sorts of interesting people as you carry out your tasks. I'm in the U.P., but am in Detroit a few times per year. Also plan to attend CERM May 15-17, 2013 in Mt. Pleasant MI.  I'm also involved in SCHB division of Small Chemical Businesses and we have a page on Facebook and LinkedIn, feel free to join. What are your professional and other interests? I hope this helps!...Joe

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              Sergey YATSENKO

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