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Daniel Nocera to Deliver the Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecture in NOLA

Discussion created by Richard Love on Feb 6, 2013

The Kavli Foundation Innovations in Chemistry Lecture (CHEF)

Daniel Nocera

Date/Time: Monday, April 8 / 5:30 – 6:30 PM

Moria Convention Center, LaNouvelle Orleans Ballroom C

Organizer : James Seiber


The Kavli Foundation Innovations in Chemistry Lecture is the Keynote Address for the New Orleans meeting.  Daniel Nocera’s Kavli Lecture is about The artificial leaf.  The artificial leaf uses earth-abundant materials, does not include wires and is inexpensive to manufacture. In water and sunlight, the artificial leaf releases H2 and O2 to be used in fuel cells to make electricity and water –self-contained units for cost-effective renewable sources of clean energy.


In January ProfessorNocera moved from MIT to Harvard.  He is the Paterson Rockwood Professor of Energy, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University.  His research focuses on developing green solutions for sustainable energy and clean, inexpensive energy from the sun.


The ACS Press Room released a Press Release on Daniel Nocera in November. A short video starring Daniel Nocera was runner-up for an award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

The Kavli Foundation in Chemistry Lectures continues a series of keynote addresses supported by The Kavli Foundation.   Though the Kavli Foundation supports fundamental research in Astrophysics, Nanoscience, Neuroscience, and Theoretical Physics, the Kavli Foundation Innovations in Chemistry Lectures are intended to recognize accomplished chemical scientists who can deliver an engaging lecture related to the meeting theme for an audience consisting of experts in the field and students alike.  In 2013, The Kavli Foundation in Chemistry Lecturer was selected by a review committee chaired by ACS President Marinda Wu.

The Organizer for the Kavli Lecture is James Seiber, who was selected by MPPG (the Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group) as the theme organizer for the New Orleans meeting, the Chemistry of Energy & Food.  James Seiber is also the Editor of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.