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Reporter-researcher rules of engagement...learning them the hard way.

Question asked by Sean Muir on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by Nancy Mccormick-Pickett

I just got the Sparkle 2013 agenda and I am looking forward to the session titled Reporters’ Perspectives: A media panel discussion.

I would love to also hear from some of the other Sparkle attendees about their experiences and lessons learned (good or bad) explaining their science, or local section science, to the media.

Personally I have experienced a case of misinterpretation with a student journalist.  I naively thought that because we had a such a great face to face talk about the research, that their final piece would reflect this conversation.  In the end however, it did not and I only realized this after reading the printed article in the campus newspaper.

One of the reporter-researcher rules of engagement I learned from this experience is that to ensure high quality work, that both parties are proud to have their good names associated with, researchers and reporters must engage in a conversation which extends beyond the actual interview day and questions.

Are there any other rules of engagement that Sparkle attendees have learned the hard way?