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Indy 2013 College Challenge

Question asked by Shawn Torres on May 6, 2013


Get points for every student that registers from your school!


Are you ready to participate in a fun, friendly, yet competitive event in Indiana’s Circle City, home of the Indianapolis 500? Then join the Chemistry in Motion College and University Challenge! Sign up and submit your abstract now for the upcoming 246th

ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Indianapolis, IN. The last step is to register for the meeting during the early registration period that begins June 13.


This Challenge creates an opportunity for college and university students in the United States and Puerto Rico to present their research and compete with one another for points to win incredible prizes. Please do not be intimidated by your competition! Pit your school’s most innovative and studious ACS undergraduate and graduate student members against the best in the Midwest, and enjoy the entertainment, excitement and great times that await you in Indianapolis.


Prizes will be awarded to 1) graduate chemistry degree granting and 2) undergraduate chemistry

degree only granting colleges and universities that have the most points based on the following point



For each participating school, one point will be awarded for each student who registers for the

2013 ACS Fall National Meeting.


For each participating school, five points will be awarded for each student who presents a

research poster or oral presentation.


There are no limits on the total number of registrations or posters/presentations for any

participating school.


Winning schools will have the highest combined point totals for registrations and/or



Now, the question that you must ask yourself is, “Am I willing to take on the Chemistry in Motion Challenge?” If so, the rewards are great. Enjoy Indianapolis, share your knowledge of chemistry with others, promote the sciences, have a great time and, if you win the Challenge, speed around our world-renowned Speedway track in an Indy 500 Pace car with an Indy 500 driver, take home keepsake photos of you with famous race car drivers, and receive travel grant funds to offset expenses for your school. Fuel up, sign-up now, and get to Indy for the


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