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    Project Director for Program Operations, AAAS

    David Harwell

      POSITION: Project Director for Program Operations, Professional Development & Evaluation


      DEPARTMENT: Science & Technology Policy Fellowships, American Association for the Advancement of



      SUMMARY: Conceptualizes, plans, directs and assesses selection and placement operations and

      systems, professional development, affinity groups and fellow network, and evaluation for the

      Science & Technology Policy Fellowships. Manages budget of $500K. Supervises program operations and

      administration staff.



      Operations Management, Budgeting & Staff Supervision: Collaborates with Program Director and

      Associate Program Director to define process and project scopes, goals, timelines, and

      deliverables. Defines project tasks, resource requirements, and develops project plans. Supervises

      operations, administration, logistics, and implementation of selection, placement, assessment and

      reporting functions for optimal efficiency and efficacy. Supervises and mentors operations and

      administrative staff. Creates and oversees updates to operations, fellowship and host office

      manuals. Manages professional development/fellows network budget, oversees allocation of resources,

      monitors expenditures and evaluates return on investment. 


      Professional Development & Training: Conceptualizes content, plans and directs implementation of

      yearlong professional and leadership development and training programs. Includes planning and

      orchestrating a two-‐ week orientation, monthly educational events, skill-‐building workshops,

      career enhancement sessions, and a year-‐end summit. Oversees preparation and logistics for

      events. Directs marketing, messaging, and registration for PD sessions. Manages selection of

      venues, selection and contracting of vendors, and preparations for all events. Supervises staff

      coordinating logistics. Works across Fellowships team, with Partner Society Collaborative, and the

      PD Advisory Committee to conduct needs assessments, surveys,

      and focus groups and determine core competencies for fellowships; identify specific resources to


      knowledge and skills aims, and plan curricula and trainings to achieve measurable advancement in

      learning and skill development. Researches, vets, invites and directs speakers; manages and

      evaluates speakers/trainings. Develops and enhances training manuals, multimedia visual aids, and

      other educational materials. Recruits, coordinates and guides fellow and AAAS staff speakers for

      presentations, workshops and panel sessions. Serves as an advocate for the S&T Policy Fellowships

      at meetings, conferences, and other events. 


      Monitoring, Evaluation & Assessment: Develops success benchmarks, conducts evaluations, and reviews

      and assesses effectiveness of program operations, professional development programs, and overall

      fellowships outputs and outcomes. Stays abreast of professional development and leadership

      strategies, innovative adult training and networking methods. Monitors fellows’ mid-‐year and

      year-‐end reports to determine trends, utilize information to enhance the fellowship experience

      for fellows and host offices. Develops testing and evaluation procedures. Assesses instructor

      performance and the effectiveness of training programs, and supervises enhancement strategies.

      Establishes and maintains a virtual library of resources to support competencies of S&T Policy

      Fellows. Monitors and manages diversity in programs and presenters. Maintains relationships with

      AAAS staff and external subject-‐matter experts and organizations to provide input to or deliver

      presentations and trainings. Monitors Fellowships and industry data to determine trends and utilize

      information to enhance operations, mentoring, professional development, network, and civic

      engagement activities.


      Mentoring, Affinity Groups & Fellowship Network: Plans and supervises implementation of fellow

      mentoring program. Oversees and nurtures fellows’ affinity groups for maximum connection,

      collaboration, and output. Conceptualizes and implements strategies to foster greater communication

      with and among current and alumni fellows, keep them up-‐to-‐date on fellowship activities and

      their colleagues, and actively engaged with AAAS. Collaborates with Outreach & Engagement staff to

      ensure that FellowsCentral portal and other social media outlets are vibrant online resources and

      networking venues for fellows.


      Additional duties as assigned.


      QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s degree in education, human resources, marketing, communications, public

      relations or related field and minimum seven years directly related experience (or bachelor’s

      degree and nine years relevant experience). Must include operations and project management;

      developing, conducting and assessing professional development/training programs; event and budget

      management; and coordinating networks and resources. Seeking excellent verbal and written

      communications skills, organizational ability and attention to detail and deadlines. Must be

      proficient and comfortable presenting to large groups. Professional and diplomatic manner; ability

      to work with individuals from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds, to coordinate

      activity among staff and departments, and to interact with stakeholders at all levels in academia,

      government, foundation, corporate, and non-‐profit sectors. Flexibility, resourcefulness, and

      ability to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously, set priorities for multiple projects, meet

      deadlines under pressure, and work both independently and as part of a team. Computer skills must

      include proficiency with Microsoft Office, project management software, and online databases.

      Requires at least two years of supervisory experience. Experience working in a non-‐profit

      environment with memberships, fellowships, admissions or alumni relations, and/or a background in

      science or policy is a plus.


      APPLY: AAAS requires electronic submission of a Web-‐based application form, using the AAAS

      Employment Application Web site: http://www.aaas.org/careercenter/employmentataaas/   All Web

      applications must include a resume, and a cover letter referencing the position requisition number

      and indicating salary expectations. Applicants who do not fully complete the online form and

      provide an attached cover letter and resume will not be considered.


      Science & Technology Policy Fellowships


      1200 New York Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20005


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          Sergey YATSENKO

               Good  day,  David.                                                                                                                                           This  is  good  news  for  Nanotechnology .

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              Sergey YATSENKO

                          P.S.                                                                                                                                                                 Good  day,  David  Harwell.                                                                                                                                       .           The  relevance of  Nanotechnology is now due real factors present,  as  for  the development of lean exclusively on traditional technigues and technology.  Unfavorable conditions dictate a new paradigm of development, namely the introduction of real Nanotechnology in production og goods for consumers.                        This  aspect discuss in the article  by Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu,  Frugal Innovattion: A New Paradigm, January 10, 2013 ;  http://www.knowledge.insead.edu  .                                                                                                 .     Frugal innovation is the ability to generate considerably more business and social value  significantly reducing the use of scare resources. It is about solving - and even transcending - the paradox of " doing more with less".                                                                                                                                                                    ....  As  Albert  Einstein famously stated: " One cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that  created it in the fist place".                                                                                                                                                    Alan I. Lashner /AAAS CEO/ wrote in your article : Innovation needs a diversity of ideas, General Articles, January 24, 2013 .                                                                                                                                                     .    America's future innovation depends in lardge part on our ability to fully  tap a richly diverse talent pool,  and  ....     Gates attributes the greatest potential for such creativity and imagination to the most widely diverse field of thinkers..  "When individuals from groups that face traditional biases in our society  are  excluded  or inadequaetly represented,  we limit the potential for  achievement, discovery, innovation, and learning in the sciences'',  he has written.  " I argue this limits the robustness of the scientific enterprise as a whole '; http://www.membercentral.aaas.org   .                                                                                                                    Nanotechnology /New IP of Nano/ give new  opportunity to SME's for development in the World .                                Best  Regards,  Sergey .                                                                                                                                                  .