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Schroedinger's cat.  After all, to what conclusion have we reached?

Question asked by Mitsuru Yamada on May 28, 2013
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Dear readers,

You must know that old famous paradox.

Please feel free to vote for either conclusion shown below, if possible with your comment.  I myself am standing on neutral side.

Conclusion 1:     The cat is either dead or alive before and regardless of our action of opening the lid of the box, as Herr Schroedinger already suggested in 1935.


Conclusion 2:     Before we open the lid, the cat is in  a superposed state.  That is, her wave function is purely the sum of alive state vector and dead state  vector until we open the lid.  Just when we open the lid, her wave function suddenly collapse into one state vector of the two.  Therefore, whether the cat is alive or dead is only determined at the instance of our action of opening the lid.


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