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    Origin of life problem.  What the evolution is riddle.

    Mitsuru Yamada

      Dear readers,


      Recently I have read a book "What is life? How chemistry becomes biology" written by Addy Pross published from Oxford University Press.

      Did you read that book too?

      Referering to Fig. 6 on page 126 of that book, the author seems to be emphasizing that he can synthesize the two processes, that is, the chemical transformation (abiogenesis) and the biological transformation (evolution), into one united process by applying his Dynamic Kinetic Stability (DKS) concept and systmes chemistry.


      How do you think about his theory?





      June 14, 2013

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          Krishnamacharyulu Maringanti

          I suspect that the problem is deeper than this. Professor Barron of University of Glasgow worked on parity reversal phenomenon that led to the concepts of true and false chirality. Prior work of Stephen F. Mason must be referred too. Origin of life is clearly linked to the origin of chirality. And the origin of chirality has been explained in the lines of DKS  -  an easier supposition. Professor Soai's excellent review (Acc. Chem. Res., 2014, 47 (12), pp 3643–3654) covers his own work on self replication and amplification of chirality. People have been linking up these concepts, For example,

          Nature Chemistry 9, 179–187 (2017). Mimicking the nature to synthesize life is synthetic biology. I am not sure whether he connects up, but Dr Cronin of Glasgow University  is coming pretty close to providing this proof. So, the theory seems to be sound!