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DivCHED High School Award Options When No Regional Meeting is Held

Discussion created by Donivan Porterfield on Aug 20, 2013

I found the following on the Division of Chemical Education web site (Regional Meetings Committee Report, Fall 2013 | Division of Chemical Education).  Passing along for the benefit of others in the ACS Regions Community.


The Regional Meetings Committee (RMC) Meeting of April 7, 2013

RMC voted to:

  1. Have the DivCHED representative to each Regional Meeting submit an/the abstract for a 2013 Division Poster and present the poster in one of the ChemEd or General Poster Sessions.
  2. Submit the following guideline to ExCOMM for approval.


DivCHED High School Award Options When No Regional Meeting is Held

The Division of Chemical Education realizes that there are circumstances when a region decides not to hold an annual regional meeting. In the event that a regional meeting is not held for one or more years, the regional board may choose to do the following in regards to the Excellence in High School Teaching award:

  1. Continue to solicit nominees from across the entire region and give the award at an ACS event in the year of the award.
  2. At the next scheduled regional meeting of the section, 2 awards may be given: One for the current year and one for all the previous years. Each award must have the minimum number of nominees as outlined in the award prospectus.
  3. In the years of no regional meeting, the regional board may choose to skip those years (i.e. with no award) and continue to give the award only when a regional meeting is held.