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Eyewear standards in Academic Laboratories?

Question asked by Kyle Angjelo on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by Juan Toledo

Dear All,

     I previously left a silane research and production laboratory to serve as a safety specialist for Princeton University Environmental Health and Safety.  Though departments (such as Chemistry, Chemical Biological Engineering) have their own policies about Personal Protective Equipment and Environmental Health and Safety strongly recommends wearing safety glasses in labs at all times, departmental policy enforcement is difficult; lab managers and department managers don't feel empowered to enforce the policy and EHS staff can't be in every lab at all times.  This is a far cry from working in an industrial lab where failure to wear your required eye protection would result in termination.

     Can anyone who works in a higher education laboratory, is a department manager, safety technician, or has any innovative ideas reply about what your institution does or what you think institutions should do?  Thank you for your consideration in advance.